Some inbound services proofread my paper performed by us are: 1. TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) : Customer care, from September 2009 until June 2012 2. Gaz Natural: Back Office & Archiving service, starting from November 2012 to the present  day 3. AMC: Back Office, registration process, from February 2013 until the present day 4. A.E.Distribution shpk: Archiving Service, from December 2011 until December 2012 Some outbound services performed by us are: 1. Bofrost: Teleselling, from september 2007 to august 2009 2. Market Researches: quantitative and qualitative research projects, 2006-2010 3. Vodafone Albania: Data Entry, 2007-2008 4. H3G: Appointment setting, 2007-2008 5. Wind: Appointment setting, 2007-2008 6. Vodafone Italy: Appointment, 2007-2008 7. Gemeaz Cusine: catering services, qualifications file, data entry, From 2007-2012. 8. Concord Travel agency: promote and sell touristic packages. 9. Telecom Italia: Teleselling ,from May 2006 until dhe present day 10. Vodafone Italia: Teleselling, from october 2012 until the present day 11. ACEA: Teleselling energy and gas, from June 2012 until the present day 12. Fastweb: Teleselling, from June 2012 until the present day 13. AMC: Teleselling, Online activation of bids, rom October 2013 until the present day.